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Friends of Yours Geoff?

Dark Star

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I saw this and thought of Geoff for some reason...... :whistle:





MELBOURNE (AFP) – Two Australian men needed surgery after shooting each other in the buttocks during a drinking session to see if it would hurt, police said on Wednesday.


The men, both aged 34, used an air rifle to fire at each other on Sunday. By Tuesday, both were in hospital to have pellets removed from their buttocks and legs.


"The men were sharing a few beers on Sunday evening when they thought it would be interesting to see if they shot one another with an air rifle, if it would penetrate their skin or it would hurt," a police spokesman said.


"It appears other than a bit of pain, the two men from the base of the Grampians (near Melbourne), thought they were fine.


"Two days later, both men have been admitted to hospital and require surgery to remove slug pellets from their buttocks and legs."


One of the men has been stripped of his firearms licence over the incident.



Crazy Aussies...... :rofl2:

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Haha! Actually, my mate and I probably weren't far off such an incident 2 weeks ago when we sat by the bonfire out at a remote place called Hill End, at 2am in the morning after about 80 beers each. If we'd known where they kept the rifles at who knows what theories we would have tested. Hmmm, I wonder if brains really do splatter out the back of your head when you put the nozzle in your mouth and pull the trigger?


In defence of these guys, it probably would have been about -50'C out at the Grampians last week and their asses were probably still numb for the 2 days before they realised they needed to be admitted to hospital. :)

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Ha ha ha .. !! Aussies ........... !!! :rofl2:

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This is why we all need to move to Oz!!! It's the only country where the people can still think of cool ways to get their fun.

Agreed. Oz....where you can be free to be a nutjob!!

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