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Used to have 'Bold As Brass' on vinyl back in the day, but never really got into them that much to be honest.

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All three albums are classics in my book!! :headbanger:


Strangely enough, BOLD AS BRASS never did get a proper c.d. release. They did put them as bonus tracks on BODINE & III TIMES RUNNING..

BODINE had a very southern feel to it.

Everyone should at least have one of their c.d.'s in their collection..

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Sounds like a good mix of Bob Seger-ish vocals along with April Wine/Coney Hatch/38 Special type riffage. I likey!

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Oh yuck, that is terrible. Sorry mate, definitely not my thing at all.


It certainly is not for you mate, as we well know our musical tastes are miles apart.

I love my Bluesy Rock which is my thing and you love your bands like Boy Likes Boy or whatever they are called which is your thing.

That's the good thing about music how peoples taste can be very diverse which can lead to differnt opinions, thoughts and discussion and that's what we are all here for :tumbsup:

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Those cuts are AMAZING, sorry Geoff!


Anyone have these discs that I can have? Seems they were re-issued in the mid 90's in Holland and are not readily available...


Both albums are currently on ebay for US$45.00 and the last one I was watching about a month ago went for about US$50 on auction.

Both discs demand pretty high prices when they become available.

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