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What Is It With These Chinese Fuckwits ?


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Chinese school rampage toll at nine


A DISGRUNTLED landlord hacked to death seven young children and two adults with a meat cleaver at a kindergarten in northern China yesterday in the latest in a series of violent school attacks.


The incident in Shaanxi province, which ended with the assailant's suicide, was the fifth attack on children in less than two months and comes despite a push to boost security in and around schools across the country.


Local villager Wu Huanming, 48, used a kitchen cleaver to carry out the killings in the city of Hanzhong, Xinhua news agency quoted the Shaanxi provincial emergency office as saying.


Seven children - five boys and two girls - were killed along with the kindergarten's operator and her 80-year-old mother in the attack at the start of the school day.

Another 11 children were injured, two of them seriously.

Wu returned home after the attack and committed suicide, Xinhua said.

The ages of the child victims have not been released.

A preliminary police investigation found that Wu had rented a house to the proprietor of the privately run kindergarten and was upset that the property was not vacated in April, when the school's lease expired.


The ministries of education and public security jointly issued an "urgent notice" after the attack, calling for tighter security at the nation's schools.


A spate of similar attacks on young children has shocked the nation and prompted the government to beef up security at schools due to fears of copycat killings.


Authorities across China have reportedly implemented measures to strengthen schools' security, increasing police patrols near school grounds and boosting the monitoring of people known to be mentally ill.



This is becoming a common occurance over there but tell me why these fucktards have to kill kids who are at Kindergarden / Primary School age !!!!!

Just do yourself in you fuckin' gutless pieces of shit and leave the kids alone :angryfire:

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Saw the headline for this yesterday... what a truly f*cked up story. As you say, what on earth would possess someone to take it out on the kids like that? And of the two people he killed that weren't kids one was an 80 year old grandmother? Man, what a f*cking pathetic excuse for a human this piece of shit must have been.

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Jeeeezus. This is what, the third or fourth mass killing there in the past couple of weeks? Must be something in the egg rolls.


On a totally unrelated note, "Chinese Fuckwits" would be a fabulous band name.

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Guess they are trying to weed out some of the population in one fell swoop. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

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To quote the strangely sexy Dolores O'Riordan ('The Icicle Melts'): "How can you hurt a child?"

There was a killing spree at a school in Scotland (Dunblane) a few years ago and is never anything less than shocking. The fact that this guy used a meat cleaver makes it ever more so.


I just can't comprehend how anyone can hurt children like this, especially at kindergarten age. Having recently read about some of the things Josef Mengele did to kids though, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised at this; there are some really f*ed up humans.

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Yeah, because mass murders NEVER happen in the Western world...


Not often in kindergardens !!!!!!!!!!

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