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Drive-in Theatre

66 mustang

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Yeah, my wife and I go to our "local" one quite a bit. Not so much recently as there are just aren't any good movies being released anymore... but when we were discussing what I'd actually miss about Sydney if the day ever comes when we can move up the coast, the drive-in (and my buds) was about the only thing I agreed I'd miss a bit. It's good fun.


As for eating out there, we always eat somewhere beforehand, or bring stuff in the car. No food at any kind of cinema experience in Australia is affordable.

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I grew up with drive ins and have many fond memories as a kid, esp in the winter, bundled up with a hot thermos. I remember seeing CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and it looked like the UFOs were coming out of the sky! Our theatre also had one screen they would play adult movies on, we would turn around and sneak peeks ;)


I remember when they changed from the speakers on the cord to radio broadcast, I thought that was the best thing ever.


I did have a chance to take my own family a number of times before the last one here closed. The last movies I saw were BATMAN BEGINS, FANTASTIC FOUR and another comic movie.


We would always bring food/drink, but would still get something at the snack bar anyway :)

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Never been to a drive-in. There are very few left, none in New Jersey that I'm aware of. There is one not far from me over the border in NY state but regrettably I've never gotten round to checking out a flick there.

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