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Any thoughts on these


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I am buying these albums sometime next month.....I was just wondering what everyones opinions are......whether there are any I should avoid or any that are awesome. I usually go by judgments and recommendations from Melodicrock.com and he is really on point with everything. I am curious to see what you guys think about the following:


Reckless Love: Reckless Love

Danger Danger: Revolve

Delany: Blaze and Ashes

Grand Design: Time Elevation

China: Light Up the Dark

Mama Kin: In the City

Babylon Bombs: Babylons Burning


Despite bad or good thoughts, I am planning on buying these...I'd just thought to see what everyone else thinks. Thanks again.

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Avoid the CHINA, definitely bag the DD and RECKLESS LOVE discs...

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Thanks a bunch guys! Only reason I listed the Delany was I thought the album cover was bad ass. I looked at once again and the samples, and don't sound that great, so I might pass on that one...and the China as well. Its been a long since I listened to a China album. Rock on!

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Reckless Love: Reckless Love ; essential.

Danger Danger: Revolve ; essential.

Delany: Blaze and Ashes ; average / good CD but not bad at all if you can find it really cheap. I probably wouldn't pay full price, though.

Grand Design: Time Elevation ; essential.

China: Light Up the Dark ; not as bad as I thought, but pretty rubbishy. Again, definitely not worth the full price.

Mama Kin: In the City ; good, solid sleaze rock. A nice one.

Babylon Bombs: Babylons Burning ; another good one. Their best one yet, easily.

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