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Anyone remember James Garner in The Rockford File?



I guess that NBC is remaking the series, and Dermot Mulroney will be cast in the lead role. I can only assume it will broadcast for next season.



From CelebrityCafe.com:

My Best Friend's Wedding co-star Dermot Mulroney has been cast in the role of Jim Rockford, originally made famous in the '70s by James Garner. Yes, NBC is rebooting The Rockford Files for modern audiences!


The original series followed private investigator, former (wrongly accused) convict, and Korean War veteran Jim Rockford as he solved cases in the Malibu area. Rockford lived in a trailer home and barely got by on the money he made solving cases, which he often solved using his words rather than using violence.


Mulroney's take on the role has been described as "slightly crumpled, wry humored, cynical, world weary, compassionate when it's called for and easily irritated by morons." The basic premise of Rockford being a former convict remains in Mulroney's take. If the character is still a war veteran, it's very likely he would have served in the Middle East at some point, given Mulroney's age.


This will be Mulroney's first major role in a TV series, as the actor primarily acts in feature films, his most recent role being in the Coen Brothers film Burn After Reading. The new show will be scripted by David Shore, creator of House, and, of all people, Steve Carell will be executive

producing alongside him. Mulroney will be leading the show against Alex O'Loughlin in ABC's own crime reboot, Hawaii Five-0. Let the battle of the reboots begin!


I watched it every week and didnt miss an episode. And even rewatched it in reruns as much as possible. One of my favorite shows in the 70s.


Kind of cool they are re-making Hawaii 5-0 too. ;)

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