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Madhouse - Everything Kills


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I've heard a few samples off this album and it sounds awesome. I'm desperate to get the whole album, but can't find it anywhere. Has anyone got it? If so, would someone be able to do me a CDR? (I'll Paypal any postage fees, etc.)


I've been in touch with the band and they might be able to dig out a copy of the CD, but it will take some time and it's only a possibility.





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I just traded an original copy of this to Geoff a few weeks ago. Maybe he still has it and will swap you.

Yep, still got it and would be willing to trade too. :) Not a bad disc.

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Cheers, but I'm going to get a copy. Nothing to trade at the moment anyway.


Just can't believe I've got back into sleaze rock/metal recently - a year ago if it didn't have growling or blastbeats, I didn't want to know!

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