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So I'm turning 40 in April 2031 (okay so it's actually April 2011) and I was looking at throwing an all out 80s Hair Metal theme party and recreating the debauchery of the Sunset Strip in my quiet suburban neighbourhood and rock out Steel Panther style.


Just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas I can possibly use to up the authenticity factor.


Obviously I have the music part covered.


I'll probably go with a DLR via the Hot for Teacher vid look with the glacier glasses and faux cop hat. Guess I'll have to look long and hard for some bad ass (or just plain bad depending on your viewpoint) spandex and either Chuck Taylors or cowboy boots if I can find some to pimp.


Hoping to transform my living place into a backstage-like area stocked with items typical of rock star riders. You know, M&Ms but no brown ones etc. Anyone know of any ridiculous requests on band riders? Or outlandish backstage war stories?


Plenty of JD to be had. I'll set up a cracked mirror on the bathroom counter complete with rolled dollar bill and faux coke.


Hoping to get my hands on a velvet rope to section off my driveway. I have a scary looking guy my brother knows who will act as the doorman all night.


Probably mail out backstage laminates to friends as invitations.


WII Rock Band and possibly a real guitar and amp rig for people to screw around on.


Would love to have a limo rented for the night and parked out front of my house but not sure how cost effective that will be.


I have a hot tub off my deck so I'm sure the party will spill outside eventually despite the prospect of bad weather in April being extremely likely here in Canada.


Anyway, those are some of my ideas.


Thought it might be fun to see what some of you guys can come up with.


Thanks. :headbanger::headbanger::headbanger:

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