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Do people this day, still honestly believe Time Warp Records releases

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Bootleg Sgt. Roxx 'Push and Squeeze'


What total piss that is. And people actually bid on this nonsense.




Save your money and instead get the 'Legit' SGT. ROXX 'Weapon Of Miss Distraction' CD which includes this E.P. :headbanger:



They are even really crappy CD-Rs with crappy artwork as well.

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Three bids? If you ask me, that's three people who have sadly not heard of Eonian yet. :(


Yes. Unfortunately sellers are still screwing people over with Time Warp Records trash, some unknowingly, and some out of sheer greed and stupidity. Old habits linger.

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WOW It went for $20.50! Two bidders. One bidder (who won it) has 10 feedbacks and the other bidder who went up to $20.00 has just one feedback. Couple of newbies??? That's how you learn. God knows I've made my mistakes when I started collecting. :spchewie:

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A girl I know got me a MAYDAY c.d., she had know idea that it was a boot....

I think some people out there have no idea...

check out every Sunday Night and see what they go for ... I saw Sweet Lips-xxoo go for $60 a few weeks ago . Crazy how stupid people are .........

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I was just wondering where the Timewarp releases come from, i know the auctions say Italy but i heard it was someone from the USA that was behind it.

Just wondering if people knew for sure.

I have heard east coast of the USA ??? There is no company in Italy by that name trust me !!

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