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Bulletrain - 'Turn it up!'


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Sadly only 4 tracks worth of music, but well worth checking out. Already being compared to bands like Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx. I really enjoyed this EP:




Track List:

01. My Way

02. Turn It Up

03. Fly Away

04. Even With My Eyes Closed



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These guys have a new EP called "Even With My Eyes Closed".




Here's a review from the web:


There's a young Hard Rock band from (again) Sweden making noise in underground circles since some time now.

Hailing from Helsingborg, BULLETRAIN is comprised by five young guys whose ages range from 20-22, proving that new ears can have old hearts.

After the obligatory line-up changes to find cohesiveness, they are releasing "Even With My Eyes Closed".


Formed in 2006, these five childhood friends have rehearsed and perfected their sound to a point that they could easily compete with any band of the Swedish new wave of Hard Rock.

Assisted in the production duties of Chris Laney (FM, Grand Design, Fate) Bulletrain prove wise in the studio beyond their young years.

I don't know if "Take Me To The Sun" will take you to our solar system star, but I assure you it easily can transport your body to the late eighties Sunset Strip. A hot melting melodious hard rocker blending Britny Fox and early Def Leppard on the chorus.

"Even With My Eyes Closed" is a clear example of Bulletrain's melodic abilities. This is a hot power ballad akin Skid Row driven by intense guitars with a monster sing-along chorus.


"My Way" is party hard rock plenty of huge gang vocals and in total '80s style this song is made for the arenas. The guitar solo is excessive and fun which is what this style of music is all about. It has a serious Keel kind of flavor to it.

Follower "Turn It Up" is quintessential European hard rock recalling 220 Volt with its razor guitars and uptempo thrill. Bulletrain exposes their US influences in this disc, yet this track shows they have not missed the veteran bands from their homeland.

Then the guys go directly Melodic Hard Rock with the Danger Danger / Ted Poley sounding "Fly Away". Good harmonies, cowbell and that classic eighties sound that drew me to the band. The guitar work by Mattias Persson jumps out at ya this time around and moves it up a notch with melodic punch.

Last track is a long version (and mix to my ears) of "Even With My Eyes Closed", one of the highlights for sure.


Bulletrain sent me back to the '80s in the best of ways. These Swedish rockers are not trying to reinvent the hard rock genre, they are playing it forward with heart & soul.

Pounding drums, solid hooks, impressive guitar solos and all the things we loved about the eighties right down to the 'gang style' choruses.

They need to work on their production values while touching up the lyrics a little, but the songwriting style and listening to the guitars and drums I felt like a kid again. Seems the singer has left the band, so a new one will improve the results even more.

It's also hard to believe that all members are so young, so the sky is their limit. If this lot doesn't have a deal by the end of the year then there truly is no justice in this world.

Don't miss Bulletrain, they ROCK.



01 - Take Me To The Sun

02 - Even With My Eyes Closed

03 - My Way

04 - Turn It Up

05 - Fly Away

06 - Even With My Eyes Closed (long version)


Robert Lindell - vocals

Mattias Persson - lead guitar

Robin Bengtsson - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Tim Svalo - bass, backing vocals

Jonas Tillheden - drums

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