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Anyone Use This Website?


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http://www.musicmight.com/ It used to be called RockDetector. For some reason (it was sold?) it changed names, I guess about a year ago.


I used to use RockDetector pretty much daily for all types of info on bands and artists. But when MusicMight took over it took them FOREVER to switch over everything. And they made changes that made the new site worse. I dont remember how many times I emailed them asking when they would start the site operating again. They never responded.


Since they have started operating (Finally) the site is a real Pain In the Ass. Slow loading pages. Searches that take forever! Its just a Royal pain in the ass to try and use the site. And since they started operating Ive written emails no less than 10 times with problems or comments. NOT ONCE have they responded or answered my emails. Mad Mad


The site provides bios and discography info about bands and artists. And is supposed to provide links to anything involving the artists. But most dont work or are incomplete.


Does anyone use any other site(s) that if you type in a word in the search any and all songs by artists on that site will pop up? I mean if I searched the word "anger' and searched in the "song" catagory all bands with songs containing the word "anger" would show. Thats what Im looking for.


MusicMight really sucks now!!

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Never heard of it but I'm not going there now due to your glowing review... :whistle:

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