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Peter Criss had breast cancer

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THE original Kiss drummer Peter Criss is finally opening up about his secret battle with breast cancer that began last year.


The 63-year-old musician has decided to use his experience to educate men as well as women about the disease, urging them to have any lumps in their breasts checked out.


"In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer…but (thanks to) my great doctor Alex Swistel and staff and the Lord above, who always looks over me, I am cancer free today!!!


"I wanted to let you know that men get it like women do. Don’t be afraid to let someone know if you have a lump. Do the right thing for you and your loved ones and get it checked. Man or woman, there is no discrimination with breast cancer.”


Criss started the band Kiss back in 1972 when he placed an ad in Rolling Stones magazine looking for other musicians to play soft or hard music. He developed the “Cat” character for his Kiss persona.

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My boss (male) has it as well, prior to that I didn't know men got it. He's had surgery, chemo and is now going through the radiation portion of the treatment... so far so good, but yeah, who knew? :(

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Craziness. I only found out on the Saturday just passed that men could get it too, now I see this. Glad to hear he beat it. Scary shit.

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