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Selling CDs on EBay


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Nice forum you got here. I just picked up 400 CDS at a auction. Heavy Metal with big names, a lot of live, bootleg, and rare stuff. I took the collection to a local CD trade store and they offered me $1000 for it. $2.50 a CD…that’s not a fair deal. A lot of these you can’t get anymore. I really don’t want to sell them on EBay signally, it’s too much work. Thinking of splitting them up in 10-15 lots of the same artist on EBay.


How would you sell them?



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To me, for cheap prices. :)


Nah, but seriously, if you get a list together the other option would be to come to sites like this with a list of the CDs and a price and just sell them straight like that. Do you happen to have Intuition's 'Turn it on' in the pile? :)

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Do you happen to have Intuition's 'Turn it on' in the pile?

Sorry I don't.


Geoff I was reading some of your other posts…Man you must listen to a lot of music. About your way of doing it. Thing is I don’t know a lot about the price I should charge. I am a melodic rocker. This collection has 110 Metallica Cds, 30 Iron Maiden, Priest etc.

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Yeah, it's obviously going to be hard if you don't know prices. You can use this site to find rough average prices on the main pages and also just look at old ebay auctions to get some idea. Could be a long process, though.

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Personally I like selling my stuff on Amazon. I usually just look at what the other prices are and then go about $0.05 lower so I'll be at the top of the list, but yeah that'll take a bit of time. On the back end though it's WAY easier than eBay, since there's no bidding, waiting, etc.

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