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What is the rarest album you own?

Motley Mike

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According to the max prices sold on Discogs it would be the original Ratt ep (although I have never been sure it was first print), both the Metal Shop and Metal Skool versions of Hole Patrol, Kane Roberts - Unsung radio (2 disc), Blue Tears - Dancin on the backstreets & Cats in Boots - Last works.

I thought Floyds Funk Revival - Creamy would have been worth more.

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One of the rarest discs I own is probably a self-titled EP by the band Lunatic Fringe, same band from that Metal Blade Street Survivor's compilation.   Had no idea it existed and I don't know how many copies exist, but it wasn't on Discogs until I created a release for it.

As I was typing that I was reminded of a similar situation I had with an album by the band Dog's Life from Rochester, NY.  Took me almost a year but I finally tracked down a CD about a week ago!

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