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This should appeal to quite a few here :tumbsup:


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Absolutely immaculate song. One of the best I have heard in as long as I recall. Funny thing is, I've gone through that CD booklet a thousand times and I never knew the dude was Asian. :lol: Seriously, these guys need to get onto album two. still LOVE that debut.


Cool video too. Simple but nice. Thanks for the link.

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I really like these guys as they really have a sense of old school 80s about them, with honest to goodness guitar solos, which are too often missing from most modern bands songs.


This song could so easily have been sung by a band like Winger on the Pull album, and in fact, without the visual, I do get a very similar vocal tone to Kip at some points in the song.

Fact is, I pretty much thought that the first time I heard this on the album as well, which in my mind is high praise!

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