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MISSDEMEANOR - All Girl band from the 80s

Fat Freddy

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I'm feeling random today so I thought I'd throw a "forgotten band" thread out there for the hell of it... anyone here remember/ever heard of MISSDEMEANOR, from Staten Island, NY? I caught these gals live a few times in the late 80s/very early 90s on the urging of my buddy Ralph, whose short-lived band had played a gig with them previously; he developed a crush on their drummer at that show (I believe she's the one in the pink zebra-striped top in the above pic) so he called me up the next time they played around our 'hood, saying "YOU GOTTA COME SEE THESE GIRLS, THEY'RE HOT!" Haha. So yeah, I went to two or three of their shows (I believe I may have been present at their last-ever show in New Jersey, which is mentioned in an interview I'll link at the end of this post), and they were pretty damn good stuff. Commercial hard rock i.e. Aerosmith, Van Halen, KISS, Zeppelin, that sorta thing. According to the interview below, they released a few demos in the late 80s and did record an album which for whatever reason was never released.


There's an interview with their guitarist here at the "Metal Maidens" site which has way more info than I can provide for those who are interested in learning more:



And of course, since even bands that have been defunct for over a decade have MySpaces these days, here's theirs :lol:


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Never heard of them. Sounds interesting, though. Maybe a future prospect for Retrospect or a like-minded label. And no offence to Ralph, but that dude's eyes alright? :lol: The one second from the right is a maybe, but the others? No thanks. :P

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And no offence to Ralph, but that dude's eyes alright? :lol: The one second from the right is a maybe, but the others? No thanks. :P


:rofl: Ralph was a drummer, the girl he had the crush on was their drummer. Must've been a drum thing. :lol:


The one second from the right was the vocalist (if memory serves) and yea, she was definitely the hottest one. :)


Don't recall...i remember an all female band called Meanstreak from the same area?


Yup, Meanstreak were also from the NYC area. They were harder edged though (not quite thrash but close... kinda like Metal Church with a bad case of menstrual cramps. Haha). Missdemeanor was on the more commercial-tinged side of things.

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I just discovered this band through Demon Doll Records. It took a few listens, but it has blown me away. I'm not sure how you would classify it. It definitely enters sleaze territory. I must also say there are better pics out there.

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I knew these chicks back in the day. Still keep in touch with Linda (guitar)... Still have my cassette. All of the members of this band are still active in the NJ music scene.

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    • This was released last year and pretty good it is.   From Andy Rethmeier's Youtube channel: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... well not quite that far away, Hartlepool in County Durham to be precise, a band of rare quality was formed. That band was called White Spirit and after their debut single, "Backs To The Grind" was released on the legendary Neat Records in 1980, the major labels came knocking. They were eager to snap up a band that had far more to offer than the majority of NWOBHM bands that they were lazily bracketed with. MCA Records won the race to sign White Spirit and with a line-up of Phil Brady, Graeme Crallan, Janick Gers, Malcolm Pearson and Bruce Ruff, their self-titled debut album was released later in 1980 to great acclaim. A constant schedule of touring saw the band build up a large and loyal following, but changes in personnel saw Janick Gers join Ian Gillan, to be replaced by Mick Tucker. Toby Sadler took over bass duties from Phil Brady and Bruce Ruff made way for an unknown singer, called Brian Howe. The new and improved White Spirit entered the studio to work on their second album with then Gillan keysman Colin Towns at the production helm. Alas, the album was never completed, the band broke up and musicians went their separate ways. Mick Tucker joined Tank, later followed by Graeme Crallan. Sadler slid easily into Airrace. Mal Pearson stepped away from music for a spell before returning to action with legends The Sweet. Singer Brian Howe crossed the Atlantic and became frontman for Ted Nugent, before achieving mega platinum success as the replacement for Paul Rodgers in Bad Company. So White Spirit were seemingly consigned to music history, with former members proceeding to forge impressive careers built on this promising foundation.  Four decades on and the location of these 2nd album sessions remained a mystery. Presumed to have been consigned to a skip, as was the fate of so many priceless mastertapes carelessly discarded over the years. The day following Brian Howe’s tragic death from a heart attack in May 2020, Tucker and Pearson were on the phone reflecting on those heady White Spirit days. The missing tapes were once more discussed, but still neither had any idea where to find them. Fate stepped in, and whilst preparing to relocate to France, Mal Pearson was rifling through his furniture in storage when he found a dusty old bedside cabinet. Inside were four sets of tapes. One labelled Chiswick Studios – White Spirit. This was it. The one they’d all thought was lost for ever. The tape was handed over to Conquest Music boss and Tank guitarist Cliff Evans. He arranged for the delicate and risky process of baking the tapes to preserve and retrieve the old recordings and transfer them to digital. Successful as the process was, the sound quality of some elements of the tracks were just not good enough for today’s ears, so Tucker & Pearson decided to replace all of the musical accompaniment with a stellar line-up of players. Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) made up the rhythm section, with the guitars and keyboards replaced by Mick and Mal.   Tracklisting: 1. Right Or Wrong (lead vocals – Jeff Scott Soto) 2 .Runaway (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 3. The Dice Rolls On (lead vocals – Lee Small) 4. Lady Of The Night (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 5. Gotta Get Out (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 6. Better Watch Out (lead vocals – Jeff Scott Soto) 7. Don't Say No (lead vocals – Lee Small) 8. Wait A Little Longer (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 9. Holy Water (lead vocals – Steve Overland) 10. Rock And Roll (Is Good For You) (lead vocals – Brian Howe)                          
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