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so, did you say it correct or did you say it wrong? nine - zero - two - one - zero? does anyone call 0 zero? it isn't o as in m-n-o-p so why do we do this? when ever i say zero as a number people look at me funny. it isn't often but on a rare slip i will throw zero out there.

what do you say? 0 or O

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I say "Oh," and then after a I have ejaculated I say, "Honey, can you put the TV on for Nine Oh Two One Oh."

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I will always say O, as in the letter with one exception.

When I was working for Pizza Hut, we would always have to take house numbers over the phone, and it was very easy to mistake 13 for 30, so if I thought they said 30, I would always repeat it back as three zero.


Also, I think that anyone writing it down will tend to write zero, so its funny that we dont tend to use it much in life.

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