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Anthrax - is the new guy out already?

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So, I've seen this band play twice in the past 3 months. First time with Nelson, second time with Bush (this weekend). Though he can't compete with the 90's era stuff that Bush made his own, I actually think Nelson sings the new stuff better. I know this won't happen, but I still hope they release the new album with Nelson's vocals on it before finally confirming on a new vocalist.


In either incarnation, this band are seriously great live.

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At Rocklahoma you could definetely tell that something was amiss during the interview before Anthrax's set. Eddie Trunk asked Dan a question (which I can't remember now) and Dan's reply was something to the extent of "I like whiskey". All of the guys in the band looked puzzled and a little annoyed. Eddie told him that he needs to work on his interviewing skills. Not sure if Dan wrote that press release or not, but at Rocklahoma he left the impression that he was dumb as a rock. If he actually wrote it he pulled off the dumb act perfectly.

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Wow, these guys are going through singers like Journey! I was never really interested in Anthrax until Bush joined (I'm a hug Armored Saint fan). I wonder if they'll try to get him back in the band long-term.

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