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Okay, here we go. A Swedish Erotica poll to cover everything. These guys are a personal favourite band of mine. The debut was wonderful, the follow-up was a huge departure but they remained one of the bands who didn't sell out in the mid-90's and released a monster hard rock disc... and then one of the most pleasant surprises in music history is released upon us in 2005, spanning the entire career of a magnificent band. So what are your faves?




Fave disc - 'Too Daze Gone' ; covering a few different styles, there is nothing on this disc I don't love. Songs like 'Fire with fire' and 'Terri' are the best they ever recorded, and those last 8 "bonus" tracks are also a lot of the best material I've heard from these guys.


s/t best song - 'Hollywood dreams' just edging out 'Love hunger'


'Blindman's Justice' best song - one of the best toons ever ; 'Sweetest of Sins'.


'Too Daze Gone' best song - 'Terri' is imo one of the best songs I have ever heard in my entire life, and the best from Swedish Erotica and from this disc. Complete and utter perfection.


And as one may have guessed, I thought they were an excellent band. Truly one of the shames in music history that they only released 2 studio albums over a career that spanned 10 years (1985 - 1995). :(

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I see them as a really really good band with and with Mats Leven having one of my fav vocalists.


Off the debut I chose "Love Hunger" but every song is great IMO.


I've never heard the 2nd release.


Off of the final release "Fire with Fire" but it's been a while since I've played that disc.

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I only have the S/T & 'Too Daze Gone' but haven't played them for ages. The S/T I remember being really good, but can't remember much about the other. Will spin 'em both tomorrow and let ya know.

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Damn, I voted like 15 minutes ago and can't remember what songs I picked, so that should tell ya how good all their albums are. Let me just say buy them all, you won't be disappointed!

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