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I must say that after checking out....


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..the latest Stryper songs on youtube, that I am really excited about their new album!! The songs I've heard are damn good...and really harken back to their 'older' style!!


If you can, go to youtube and search Stryper Murder by Pride and there is a dude called 'glammetalchild' that has like 5 or 6 of them posted....check 'em out!


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Not bad for Stryper.....but still not as good as their older stuff IMO. Diehard fans should be plenty happy from what I just heard though.

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This CD sucks plain and simple (and yes I have a legit digital promo of the entire album). I love how Michael Sweet is like "oh yea we brought back the old sound". The fuck you did!!! This is a Michael Sweet solo album with distortion. CRAPTASTIC!

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Wow, 'Murder by pride' definitely has a more "vintage" Stryper vibe. Pretty good stuff.


'Eclipse of the son' also has a very old-school vibe. Not amazing, but I do like the vibe.


'The plan' is modern sounding but has a good chorus. Another good one.


'4 Leaf Clover' - Uhh- killed it. Awesome intro and I thought it was going to drop into a faster paced song. As it is, pretty bland. That one's a definite filler. Shame to waste a good riff like that.


'Alive' - Pretty cool ballad. Not amazing, but decent.

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