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Z02 - Casino Logic

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This is one of the Best Buy sale discs I picked up this week on a lark. I hadn't heard the band at all before, and honestly I bought it based on the band picture on the back of the CD.




The lead singer reminds me of a cross between Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) and Randy Jackson (Zebra).


I see that their earlier discs are already on HH. I'm guessing this new one is the first one to get mainstream distribution in the U.S.? Best Buy didn't have any of the others.


I've uploaded 4 tracks to the radio feed, and here are 3 of my favorites:











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I'll have to check these guys out, I haven't heard any of their albums before but their first two albums sure do get some good comments on the main site.

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I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! :headbanger:


I had my doubts about their t.v. show, but I watched the first disc and I gotta tell ya IT'S FUCKIN' HILARIOUS!!!!


They have great harmonies and put on a great show.

I'm actually going to see them next month.

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All 3 Best Buys I checked didn't have Casino Logic. As of yet, ZO2 doesn't have a show around here. So, hopefully they'll change that. I'm not too keen on grabbing on online and paying shipping. I'm wondering if I can find something online with free shipping.


Tuesdays & Thursdays and Ain't It Beautiful are both great discs. I love T&T a little more, but many people I know like AIB better. Still both 100% worth it! If you get the chance to pick them up, do so. You WON'T be disappointed!


If you need a little more help (aside from any reviews on the main site), check this out:


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So, time to revisit this.


First of all, anyone else pick this up?


I finally found a copy at a Best Buy about 45 minutes away. After the first few spins (before I went away last week), I have to say, I was duly UNimpressed.


Now, that's not to say this album isn't good. It's actually VERY good. But, it was SO not ZO2. I have both albums. I've seen these guys live somewhere between 30-35 times. Historically, it's ALL about the groove with ZO2. This album, to me, compared to T&T and AIB, was missing that in spades. After a couple of listens, including on the way to the airport, I was thoroughly disappointed in the album.


Maybe it was a week away, or whatever, but on the couple of spins I've given the album since I've been back, I've got to say, it's growing on me. As I mentioned earlier, it's a good album. To anyone that had never heard ZO2 before, it would probably think it was great. To me, it just wasn't what I was used to hearing from ZO2/what I expected. That said, after dropping those thoughts, I'm really starting to enjoy the album a bunch more.


ZO2 has retained the vocal harmonies that are one of their trademarks. (I don't know the exact breakdown, but I think, on this album, Paulie has pretty much snagged the "front man" label completely for himself. He'd always done the lion's share, but David had many of his own lead vox duties and Joey's incredible turn on "Coming Home" left me hoping they'd do more songs like that or even give Sir Joseph his own song.) If there's really any step backwards, on this album, aside from losing what I feel was the "ZO2 signature", I have to say I'm not all the impressed with the lyrical subject matter on the album. Maybe dissecting it a little more closely will have me changing my mind about that as well, but I kind of feel like they almost dumbed down the songs for a broader audience (like they hope to bring in with ZRock).


All in all, the album is good, I'm sure I'll like it more with even more listens. But, I can't help but feel a little disappointed over the loss of the traditional "ZO2 sound". I'm wondering what effect that will have on the live show. I might actually get to see them this summer.


(Anyone else who's heard all 3 albums have any opinions on this subject?)

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I haven't heard the first two album and I know nothing about the TV show but I did hear this new one. Hate to say it, but they didn't get me on board as a fan. It's not bad, but nothing here I could really sink my teeth into. I like the vocals and the first song was kind of cool, but the rest was just really average to these ears. Sorry guys. :( Enjoy anyway.

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