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ZROCK ~ Season Two ~


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I know some of you followed this one last season... well get ready for season two of ZROCK.


On the IFC channel starting June 7th 2009. I believe this is a different time from last year... it will air at 11:00 pm / !0:00 pm Central.


I don't watch a whole lot of TV but I found myself addicted to this series last year. I've already set the TV to record the whole season just incase I forget about it.

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Gonna be out tonight, but I'll tape this and check it out tonight or tomorrow.


(It'd better be fucking amazing for how much they've stopped touring. I'm sure it's easier on them. I hope it's financially viable. But, I can't say I'm not disappointed in the lack of ZO2 in the area.)

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Did anyone catch Steel Panther on ZRock last night?

F#@king hilarious stuff.

Yeah that was some funny stuff! I have only watched a few episodes of the show but am quickly getting addicted to it.

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I think it's cool how they name bands on the show. (Evick and then Diablo Royale last Sunday.)


My personal favorite episode was 2 weeks ago with Chris Jericho and the "terminal" kid birthday party. (Although, not a fan of ANY of the Jim Norton parts, but particularly then ending.) Joey's reaction to Jericho coming in the party (and then coming in the back room) were absolutely priceless. (Might be my favorite moments of the series.)

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