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This has gotta be one of the worst cover versions I have ever heard

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I could just imagine gathering up every member here in one room and letting them hear this song with no chance to turn it off. And the music just plays over and over again.

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What the fuck was the yodelling about in the middle?


Apparently this girl is from the stage production of Legally Blonde.


She should stay there!

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Laura Bell Bundy is actually really good in Legally Blonde.


(That said, this is all kinds of atrocious!)


I love how the OP of that Youtube thread includes in the description.... "JSYK, this song is really old". Between the internet/text speak of Just So You Know and the REALLY OLD part, I was rather upset.


Screw you, you little teenie bopper! Haha (Kidding. But, some of us remember that song/time like it was yesterday Seriously, is 28 years ago THAT long? lol)

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