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'Octomom' loses PR team; will Hollywood give up on her, too?


The decision by two Brentwood, Calif., publicists to stop representing Nadya Suleman underscores just how impatient -- and angry -- the public has become over the controversial mother of 14 children. Joann Killeen told the Los Angeles Times that she and her husband-partner Mike Furtney decided to drop Suleman as a client after they received many threatening calls and letters. The duo, who had been representing Suleman for free, created a website for the 33-year-old single and unemployed mother that sought donations for her octuplets and six other children.


"The American public has just lashed out," Killeen told the newspaper. "I think it has to do with the economy, healthcare ... there are not a lot of jobs, people are unemployed and are trying to take care of their families."


A Tennessee-based firm has stepped up to manage Suleman's appearances and a possible book deal. It's unclear whether Suleman is still a prime candidate for a reality show, though Furtney had told EW that the offers were "serious." TLC President Eileen O'Neill also told EW that "there is a [waiting] period here to see if there's something that we as a network feel makes good sense. There are so many things going on in that woman's life right now ... we're all waiting to see what happens next."


TLC viewers -- using the network's website as a sounding board -- have threatened to boycott any new show that would feature Suleman and her brood.

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What the hell does she need a book written about anyway?


"I got impregnated by a turkey baster, and now you all will pay"


This woman takes "Stupidity" to pure genius levels :screwy:

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My fave Octo-Mom story of late has been the news that Vivid Video offered her a million bucks to star in a porno film for them... I guess their reasoning is that she's already used to having lots of people inside her :rofl:


Supposedly the deal would include full dental and medical benefits to her entire brood if she agreed to become a "contract" star for them and make a series of films...

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There was also a great story on the news last week that sez one of her neighbors was tired of photographers and paparazzi trampling all over his property to get pictures of Octo-Mom so he chased a bunch of 'em out of his yard with a shotgun! "YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!" :bigboom:


That story was made even better when they showed a woman in a passing car lean out and yell to the reporters "SHE'S USING OUR TAX MONEY! TELL HER TO GET A JOB AND GET A LIFE!"

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