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The Bailout Of All Bailouits


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:rofl: Brilliant!
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That's what happens when Fat Freddy cuts back.


:rofl: Sad, but true.

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If you read the article, Larry Flynt admits he doesn't really need the $$. He's just doing this to be a wise ass, to prove how ridiculous this "government bail out" situation has become, and of course to get his name in the mainstream media again. He does stuff like this every once in a while when he gets bored and needs a few laughs. A couple of years ago (during the Bush vs. Gore Presidential election, I believe) he offered a reward of $1 million (and a Hustler photo shoot of course) to any woman who could offer positive proof that she'd had an affair with either of the candidates. Larry's a scum bag but I still admire the hell out of him. He's one of our Great American Shit Stirrers. :lol:

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