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Oh hells yeah, it's on mofos!


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Ok, kiddies! So, here's how we're doing it this year, 'cause I'm feelin' froggy.


I've created two leagues this year. One league doesn't use the spread, the other does.


Join one. Join both. Join neither. I don't care. Just somebody fucking join and play some pick 'em. (And let me fucking win something in an HH league that isn't hockey!)


Non-spread league:

Join League Link

Group ID#: 301

Password: heavydrinkin


Spread league:

Join Spread League Link

Group ID#: 315

Password: heavydrinkin


I capped each league at 12, not that I care. I can go back and change if EVERYONE wants to join both leagues. I also made sure the pick time was 5 minutes before EACH game, not before the first game of the week.

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Is the non spread league full?


Not at all! Come on in!


Join link


League ID #: 301

PW: heavydrinkin


The spread league's not full either.


Nor are either/both of the college pick 'em leagues.


I'll try again but everytime I try to join it sends me straight to my email. :unsure:


Just tried it again and when I log into my email it doesn't let me join the league.

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^Gimme a sec to look.


PM me your email and I'll send an invite and we'll see if maybe that can help somehow. The league is set for 12 teams.

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Nah, you're fine (and all joined up) Wes. I just know we had more people in the past years we've done this. I was appealing to all of them.


And anyone who may want to join the spread leagues as well. If you've never joined, it's a fun league too. A bit more difficult to run the table. Need a good dose of help, but some good research too. (That's the great part though, it's work and crossing your fingers too.) There's one for pros and college.

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I've tried joining a couple times but I keep getting kicked to Yahoo's main page, no idea why. :(


Same thing happened with Wes. Tell me which league(s) you want and I'll send invites to your email.

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I am doing pretty crappy on my NFL pick em's so I let my 6 year old daughter pick the teams this weekend. She can't do much worse than I've been doing.

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I hear ya Rick. I played myself right out of contention in the college one. And, with a few weeks left here in the NFL, who knows. (I'm banking on my confidence college one right now. Only one more week and a decent lead. I just need to hope for no huge upsets, at this point, and I should be good.)

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Holy crap! This one's gonna come down to the wire!


(There are 3 people all within striking distance and within a game of each other..... with 2 games still left to be decided this week.)


Man, it's gonna be a nail biter!

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Congrats to Wes on an EXCELLENT final week. Any week going 14 for 16, you're great, but the final week, you just blew by me.


(I dropped the ball, pun intended, the last 3 weeks, but after Wes' day today, it didn't make much difference.)



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