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66 mustang

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Yeah, I've always like Rusty. I've been a NASCAR fan for a long time now. The first race I ever went to was Atlanta back in 1987 (Bill Elliott won).

Back then Rusty was one of the "young guns" and we was tearin' up the track. I know that he isn't as good these days, but I'll aways like him.

I also like...


Ryan Newman

Keven Harvick

Tony Stewart

Dale Jr.

Jimmie Johnson

Bobby Labonte

Jeff Gordon

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Stewart and B Labonte are the guys I follow and the top of my entertainment center is full of cars of the two. I am like you on Rusty, not as good these days but being in St Louis he is one of my favorites. I am starting to like Kahne alot with the way he's going. I'm jealous though. I wish I had a Cup track near here where I could goto a race. Guess I'll have to drive to Kansas City or Chicago one day.

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No it's not bad but that's four Pepsi's. There are four of us that are in it. We pick on driver for the whole year. We then draw from the top ten a second driver. We draw after the 13th and 26th race from whoever is in the top ten of drivers we don't have. We then have a points system and where the two drivers finish whoever has the most points gets a buck from everyone. If one of those drivers wins and you hve the most points you get a extra buck. At the end of the year whoever has the most points gets 5 bucks from everyone. Its not much but I have to save some of my money for music.

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You've got to wonder if Kahne can keep this up all season. And if he does, and manages to win the first Nextel Cup, will it be another case of "too many points with not enough wins" or will scoring changes take care of it?

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Overall points

After: Advance Auto Parts 500

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Leader

2. Kurt Busch -5 behind

3. Matt Kenseth -12 behind

4. Jimmie Johnson -79 behind

5. Elliott Sadler -98 behind

6. Tony Stewart -100 behind

7. Jeff Gordon -121 behind

8. Rusty Wallace -157 behind

9. Kasey Kahne -160 behind

10. Kevin Harvick -164 behind



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