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Shark Frenzy with Sambora


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Yeah. Pre-bon jovi.

I've got the first disc, but not this one.


Honestly, I cannot remember what the hell it was like.


i had a quick listen to the first sample... it sounded similar vein to Johns Power Station Year stuff.

That was the first thought I had when I saw this. I've never heard of this either.

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theres a few versions going round, theres these two volumes, a version you can get over here that has tracks off both, and a japenese version that has one track more than the one in britain.


one of the songs, Southern Belle has Sambora on vocals....its actually a pretty cool track:



i still need to get this stuff on CD, its the only Sambora project i don't have....just never got around to buying it, sound quality isnt that decent because the master tapes were flooded and had to be cleaned up to be released again...

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Ahh thanks guys. I'm surprised that these aren't more well known given the strong link to Bon Jovi. Maybe they really suck? I've just noticed a double album of all the shark frenzy tracks going around quite cheap so was thinking of giving this a go.

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