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Magnus Karlsson

Magnus Karlsson  

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Magnus Karlsson has been one of the top musicians of our genre over the past few years so i felt he deserved a poll.


For me:


1. Tony O'Hora - escape into the sun: My number 1 album of 06. A filler free album with awesome guitar playing and fantastic emotive vocals. Tony O'Hora may not be as a big a name as the other of Karlsson's vocalist but i reckon he delivers more passionately and powerfully. I just cant get enough of this album.


2. Starbreaker - Its heavy and crunchy and its got Tony Harnell - it has to be good! This was the album i thought would be #1 but it never remained in the cd player much. Its good just not as good. Also has a really annoying instrumental.


3. Allen Lande - the battle - I took much longer then anyone to get this album as i felt it was overrated. The clips to me sounded soft. So when i finally bought it simply because everyone else was i was blown away. Fantastically melodic metal. However i feel towards the end there are quite a few fillers and the energy is lost.


4. Allen Lande - the revenge - i have only heard the clips and dont have the album. I will be getting this however not as excited as most. The clips sound good, but i dont think they will live up to The Battle.


5. Last Tribe - witch dance - My introduction to Magnus. You can see how good Mangus is and the music is high quality melodic metal, but better things were to come in the future. I like the singer, but hes just too hard to understand!


6. Planet Alliance - People said that Tony OHora sounded like the leftovers from Allen Lande.. but i couldnt disagree more. Planet Alliance sounds like leftovers. Its good but... well... i cant remember anything off it. Maybe thats because Magnus got more musicians, but also the singer just isnt as good as any of the others. Im not sure if i should give this another chance...


(I have not heard the other two Last Tribe albums)

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Allen/Lande - The Battle


Magnificent album and one of my faves from the last ten years or so. The new one is pretty good as well, not as immediate although repeated spins is being more than kind to it.


I liked the Tony O'Hora, but did think that it was a bit of an Allen/Lande leftovers, as the songs were not as strong - that being said it is a good disc and I do still play it on occasions


The Planet Alliance disc I also quite liked but of the 4 Karlsson related discs I have, is probably the weakest.

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Allen-Lande- The Battle. Brilliant album IMO.

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F*ck, I can't vote here. :( I keep getting the board message. Oh well, I'm trying to vote for Starbreaker. Most of these albums are quite similar, but for me it's Tony Harnell's voice that makes the difference. 'The Battle' would be next, then probably Tony O'Hara's album. All albums are quite good but all are a perfect example of albums which are musically very good but it's hard to connect on any lyrical level with any of these releases.

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Allen-Lande - The Battle


for me, too.

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Tracks that stood out for me so far are:


Last Tribe - Sacrifice - from The Uncrowned


Allen-Lande - Her Spell - from The Revenge


Last Tribe - Witch Dance - from Witch Dance


a lot of other tracks have caught my ear, but I'm familiar with those 3 in particular.

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