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  1. I can't stomach his vocals for a second...completely ruined Bonfire.
  2. I def don't think it sounds like shit. I've heard much worse...
  3. Nope, lower. Vocals make it to where I can't even listen to it.
  4. Nope, it will sound the same but does include bonus track. "Idiot" I believe?
  5. The production is actually pretty decent. My one complaint is you cannot hear the snare drum much at all and in some parts of the album it is completely drowned out. But the album sounds pretty good in my opinion and the songs are very good.
  6. Roth cant even sing Roth songs anymore. Need proof? Listen to the new live album...
  7. Depending on what genre you like (or both) it is a good song. If it's a good song, sometimes it doesn't matter who is singing it.
  8. I like it, but then I really dig the whole vibe of the album. It is actually one of my favorite songs on there too. Very different for them but still BB.
  9. Symphony Song is not bad but there is no trace of Bullyboys sound anywhere....
  10. Only the Nelson album rocks and the production isn't near as bad as everyone thinks
  11. If these are retail VHS tapes, they might be copy protected - especially the movies. I've had good luck with some tapes but others were impossible. The more rare items are the concerts I have that are recorded. I didn't think copy-write was hard to get around now, especially since they are VHS? I bought a program to rip DVD's and does all kinds including copywrite. If these fucks would release this shit on something other than LD or VHS The movies I have are Hot Resort and Summer Job and they are from the mid-late 80's. Then I have some of the band releases vidz that were never released on dvd.
  12. You are fucking with me right? This is the worst sound cd ever... You cannot hear the kick drums, the high's are so high they distort at times (see THC Groove). Their best produced cd was ZaZa by far.
  13. It's ok...his vocals are not what I really look for. I'd rather hear a new Firehouse CD.
  14. I've got some shit that I have never even seen anywhere before. I have some unedited Motley Crue stuff from the S/T Corabi album. It shows them completely unedited and how they really are. Nikki and Tommy are smoking joints throughout most of it.
  15. Would you be willing to give it a shot? We could figure out some compensation for it? I could PM you with what I have if interested...you would of course be able to burn a copy. I would supply the DVD-R's as well.
  16. Does anyone have the ability to do this? I have a couple hand fulls of VHS music and a couple movies never released on DVD. I don't own a VCR anymore so I can't really mess with it. Maybe I could work something out to pay for this?
  17. Album preview: That is fucking horrible...
  18. I have it to listen to, along with the new Mark Slaughter & Maxx Explosion. I want to hear the Nelson in my car though since there has been a big to-do about the production.
  19. I really like Freakshow but the production is awful and it unfortunately had to follow up the debut.
  20. Great song for sure. I have so many unreleased JSS songs.
  21. Here is what I would rate them as a fan: 1. Firehouse - 1990 - 100 2. Hold Your Fire - 1992 - 90 3. 3 - 1995 - 85 4. Category 5 - 1998 - 83 5. Prime Time - 2003 - 88 6. O2 - 2000 - 80 Full Circle just sucked. I'd rather here new music...
  22. Ratings way too low my friend... The ratings are actually spot on I dare say. Always been an overrated band imo, especially live. The debut has its moments but I can easily see my rating being around 80% - I'm due to rate this soon as its a 1990 release. In fact I might even rate it on the way home tonight and report back tomorrow. And for the record I would say that 'All She Wrote' and 'Reach For The Sky' are the only 2 songs which even have a sniff at attaining a perfect 10. Really? I've seen them live five times and they are better live than on their albums. Much heavier band live.
  23. I do like the album but you won't find many that think it is better than the filler free S/T album.
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