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  1. It is clearly not their best moment but I did like about half of it. That has been the case since they releases Secret Society.
  2. Great video, hilarious bunch of guys. They would be a blast to hang with. Also get to hear some snippets of the new album. This is going to be a good one!
  3. I don't get it either...love the album!
  4. I don't get my hopes up for any of the bands from the "heyday" releasing anything today. Most of the newer stuff is pure shit.
  5. They still make mags? I am going to start scanning all my Metal Edges from back in the day to make digital copies .
  6. I'm trying to grab something call Steel Dragon - Taste Of Hot Steel which appears to have all the tracks maybe. I will keep you posted...
  7. So it sounds better than Trixter's 'Hear' to you? You creep. I wish I could leave that one alone, but I just can't... Yes, it sounds better than Hear But then again, everything does.
  8. Their last album was well produced and I don't hear what everyone else is hearing. I'm going to wait until I can play it over something other than my computer.
  9. From a commercial standpoint it was definitely Slippery. For me, Faith was their last GREAT album though I really like These Days as well. Everything after that gets very spotty.
  10. Agree 100%. Call it Simon Daniels new band and it would be fine. It's not anymore Autograph than Bonfire is Bonfire today.
  11. The sound doesn't bother me really. Kind of like the way the drums sound.
  12. I don't see what some don't like about this album. I love the track "What Sober Couldn't Say".
  13. I couldn't agree more. I hate it when bands sound exactly the same. But they have to keep certain elements as they grow. A lot of bands have been able to do it. Tesla come to mind. I'm not 100% sure what is missing from this album but whatever it is, it's making it dull as hell.
  14. They have every right to release music that they feel is something they are in to. Problem is you spent years building a fanbase that loves the other 3 releases and then you release something so far out in left field you risk losing your fans. I can honestly say that if they or Dynazty were to put out albums again like their last releases I would wash my hands of them.
  15. Can't wait! Whoops, sorry, I just remembered they decided to suck now, so I retract that comment. I'll give it a go but expect to throw it in the pile alongside Jettblack and Halestorm to never be heard of again. You are crazy sir...this will kick major ass just like the last two. The Jettblack we totally agree on...Halestorm I actually like too.
  16. Dan that wasn't cool...that first track was like sticking a fork in my ears I dig the second one though!
  17. Not even close to the truth. Spinefarm have been total arseholes in the whole deal. Spinefarm released the Black gold album when the band said they were not interested in it, and then came up with such awful artwork that the band said they would do their own design as they at least wanted something with their name on it to look good. Then the contract ended and they started recording the new album through the pledge campaign. But Spinefarm had first refusal on releasing it but had to take out that option before a specific date. They waited til after that date to turn round and say they wanted to release it, but the band were happy they were too late as they told Spinefarm they were not interested in dealing with them anymore. While on Spinefarm they got little or no promotion, and had to do pretty much everything themselves. As for the album. Its great. Not as catchy and instant as previous releases, and a bit heavier for certain, but its most defo a grower. The one song on it that harks back to the first two albums more is Kick in the teeth. To each their own but great? I barely made it through the thing it was so awful. Right after I listened to Raining Rock again and there is no comparison. He is singing about stupid shit on this album and it lacks hooks so bad. It's easily the worst release this year by far. It could be compared to Dynazty's last release as a huge flop. Those releases could end both bands...
  18. Love this band so much, great albums. Their debut gets regular spins in my house. Play Rough is just awesome. Love that they are together again and have all four original members. Rare these days...
  19. I don't mind it at all but as someone else said, lets hear the new material. I'm a bit more optimistic though.
  20. Yeah I really enjoyed the first couple of tracks but it got very "samey" to me. Easily his worst solo release and I was expecting so much more.
  21. It's just kind of strange...not my thing I don't think.
  22. Haven't been a huge fan since Demons Down but their releases have been very good overall minus the dreadful Myth cd.
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