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  1. So not interested in anything Bon Jovi related these days...
  2. Feel like we have had this discussion before. And to say it again...nothing good since the 1992 S/T album from him.
  3. Another example on the album of killer music and piss poor vocals that kill the song.
  4. I haven't cared for anything since The Crimson Idol so eh....
  5. Exactly This answer works for all bands from the MTV era.
  6. Love the samples...serious riffs! Going to be a great album!
  7. Wow, I was going to keep an open mind but this is pure shit...
  8. Wow...that's just...um...it's bad. Sad thing is he can still play guitar but someone needs to get him to stop singing...or whatever that is he is doing.
  9. By what I saw of the darkness at swedenrock I can only imaging the new disc will be a bit of a turd burger. But aren't we talking about bands changing their sound? How would this be any different to any other Darkness disc?? I've given it a couple of spins and it is more or less wretched. Basically on par with the new Jettblack album. Anyway, Jarred, if you're happy liking what you yourself has already labelled crap, good luck mate. Not my kind of thing to do that, but to each their own. We all called this CD what it was when we first heard it - and that is a piece of shit. So that fact remains; the album is still shit. They haven't re-recorded the album since then. All that's changed is that you've conditioned yourself to appreciate the shitness of the album. Nothing else has changed. So yeah, it's not something I personally understand, but enjoy it, mate. And yeah, you're right as fuck about one thing, and that is that this is no Cauterize. Yep, my first reaction was the same. Hated it...things change though. It's still no masterpiece but I do enjoy it now. It was a matter of spinning it more than a couple times before discarding it forever. I have a feeling you have missed out on some nice cd's because of that over time. I'm glad I had the Cauterize thing pegged because I definitely wouldn't be able to listen to it
  10. Sorry mate - thats not allowed. Geoff said so ;-) QFFT. The extra F is to emphasise a point I feel very strongly about. The album is a mongrel piece of shit and trying to turn it into anything but is such a massive waste of time. Instead of trying to polish dogshit, you could spend time listening to stuff that always was, is and will always be good. Crazy parallel I just thought of, but I wonder if you people who feel sympathy for these shit albums and need to turn them into something listenable also strongly disagree with capital punishment. Sometimes, people and CDs just simply don't deserve a second chance. No I actually like it now. It's heavy & pissed off...a departure for sure. Well lets be honest, they are no Cauterize (Hang on while I lmao) but the album is very good after more spins I guess I expected more from them initially but it's just different, not bad though.
  11. Be damned if this thing has grown on me....
  12. I'm surprised more don't like them. They are heavy yet melodic at times.
  13. 'Lady' is the only decent (or should I say excellent?) ballad you'll ever get out of these guys. Killer tune... shame about the rest of their ballads, though. Lady is their best ballad in my eyes. Love that song but I also must say, I'm done with ballads. Lets rock!
  14. Love this video...takes me back to a time I miss very badly. Great album as well, really enjoying it.
  15. Agreed. Without going back and re-listening to the whole kit and kaboodle, The Journey Will Never End is the album that is most memorable for me. Big Def Lep-ish type background vocals on it. Not much filler at all.
  16. Have you heard 'Helluva Time' properly? I can appreciate the other albums have kind of dipped, but holy shit that album is so strong. Shame they couldn't have maintained that level or the 2nd half of their discography could have competed well with the Bormann years. But yeah, as a whole, Bormann years were no doubt their best. I will give it another spin, that's fair. I just don't like the vocals since Bormann left.
  17. I gave it an 83%. A lot of really great tunes and no real clunkers... good solid 8/10 stuff across the board with the occasional one just above or just below. I agree with Glen that 'Out ta get me' and 'Think about you' are two highlights. Weakest tune would be 'Anything goes.' 8/10 stuff lol?? my rating would have at least three or four 10/10s (Nightrain, Paradise City, Sweet Child, Out ta get me) and a decent spattering of 9.somethings......with one or 2 weaker moments....got to be 90% absolute minimum. Never rated it tho. I thought it'd be higher for me, but it just wasn't. I definitely don't hear a 10/10 on it... that's for sure. Only 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'Welcome to the Jungle' scored over 9/10 for me. And 'Think about you' and Rocket Queen' were close. and how the hell is 'Sweet Child' not a 10/10........the mind boggles. It might be overplayed but its still one of THE sleaze anthems........and the most iconic intro / guitar solo of ALL TIME. Different opinions man. Often times I've heard people say Slash is ''overrated'' even though I like him. Nothing against Sweet Child but there's much cooler ways to start a song Anyone who calls him overrated has not heard the last two Slash albums...
  18. Journey is their best album in my opinion but you can't go wrong with anything Bormann sang on. I am not a fan of the other singer(s)? at all.
  19. The album is actually pretty good. I have spun it several times now and it's pretty solid actually.
  20. I never knew they went away. Always a great metal band for sure.
  21. Please...is this for real? Kill For Thrills cd never gets spun in my house let alone go against one of the best Hard Rock albums of all time.
  22. I don't really hear any filler, very solid release for today. I don't like the remake bonus tracks from I-Tunes though. Outside of that, very solid. A lot of it sounds like 40 Ft Ringo style/ updated Trixter sound. Nothing really sounds like they did back when.
  23. Unfortunately per his Facebook page it's back again :(
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