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  1. This one is easy.......Y & T Live in '87 Contagious tour! Rawk On Baby! Later JL Mullethead
  2. I just want to say that I have always been lucky enough to get my cd's from him. Although I have noticed a large amount of negatives as of late. I actually thought his account had been suspended? Maybe it was someone else though. As for negative feedback always exposing the truth? That is not true. Everyone is human and screws up from time to time, but it has been my experience that sometimes people are just assholes. I have a total of 7 negative feedbacks, half coming from things that I bought and paid for but never received the product. When I leave negative feedback (and I don't like to have to do that) the other person leaves it in return stating some bullshit reason. I'll be honest with you people, the reason I made my comments private recently is because some asshole didn't send my product and his reason for leaving negative feedback was because I make fun of handicapped people? WTF! First of all I would never do that. Second of all WTF does that have to do with you not sending my product? Obviously I come unglued and leave something as childish on the reply and after a while I decided I didn't want people seeing that about me. It was total horseshit! At some point I will make it public again when those comments are buried but it should never come to that. You are providing a service on Ebay. If you can't be a human about it, get the f*ck off there, ya know? Anyway, I'm done venting. I hope no one ever gets screwed in any way on Ebay but this is the world we live in folks. Later JL Mullethead
  3. Okay, I may pushing the panic button too early but I won this Brian Jack cd Early last week. No big deal right? Well, this guy had one up for auction the week before and I lost in a bidding war (that doesn't happen often:)) It went for $202 I believe. He put another one up a couple of days later and I thought maybe he got lucky and found a couple somewhere (after all he is from Baltimore where Child's Play hailed from). I bid on it and won it for $50, much cheaper than before. I am obviously very happy because I saved money. I sent a money order certified so he would have to sign for it since he didn't accept Paypal. Well, he's been kind of a dick since then but said he received the money order today and is shipping it out Thursday or Friday due to a lot of snow that hit Baltimore. I am still fine with this until today. I see that he has another one up for auction. Now anyone who knows anything about this cd knows they don't grow on trees. Is it possible that he actually came across this many? He has 12 positive feedbacks and 1 neutral with no negative. Should I be freaking yet? His user name is Ronnie537. If anyone knows anything about him please inform? Thanks In Advance JL
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