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  1. Cheers Dudes ... First post here althought im reading you for years ! Hope you enjoy the list ! Top 22 2018 (almost final i guess) Borealis The Offering Powerwolf The Sacrament Of Sin Odyssey Desperado Don't Miss The Sunset Follow The Cipher Follow The Cipher Beyond The Black Heart Of The Hurricane W.E.T. Earthrage Phil Lanzon If You Think I'm Crazy Arion Life Is Not Beautiful 7 Days In Alaska Dancing with Ghosts Dangerous Curves So Dirty Right Bullet - Dust To Gold Nordic Union Second Coming Firetiger Suggenly Heavenly Striker Play To Win Dukes Of The Orient Dukes Of The Orient Arena Double Vision Dallas Dallas Antimatter - Black Market Enlightenment Joe bonamassa Redemption Steve Perry Traces Creye - Creye DAN REED NETWORK Origins
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