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  1. Alex Kane in past has played in Dirty Looks, Enuff Z' Nuff, Anti Product, Clam Abuse with Ginger of the Wildhearts.
  2. This's the re issue cover which came out 10 years after original one was released.
  3. Led Zeppelin AC/DC Alice Cooper Angel
  4. Their cover on Less Then Zero soundtrack, Rock N' Roll All Nite
  5. Would you add Skillet as a modern band, thou they been around along ?
  6. It was cause there was no sound, when I went to confront seller. The follows sellers said " He gone all ready ".
  7. Peace of Mind - Michael Monroe
  8. New version of " Charlie's Angels " from the Caribbean Market.
  9. Trench Dogs - Leather and Flowers
  10. Doggy


    Mitch could be busy in playing Great White or his solo career.
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