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  1. Ronnie sang with Lords Of Black and Ferrymen.
  2. Thanks gentlemen.
  3. My girlfriend, since this virus we having she complaining has always a headache.
  4. I have read somewhere, now lost it. That Jeff is managing an upcoming band. Who ? Do they material out and what is your honest opinions of their songs. Thanks.
  5. Hear a lot Eddie, when I hear a solo by Vito. Sidenote I read somewhere that Vito is going have an one on one interview with Eddie Trunk. Wrapping up , yes a fan of Vito.
  6. might controversy Journey with Perry, Valory and Smith. Alphamale, one of member of Jet, has release a solo album. Whatever, on Melodic Rock's forum someone post about Jellyfish.
  7. Great news they on a label which is get stuff on, sorry John.
  8. Not your home movie. Blues Brothers.
  9. Calling Dr Love - KISS While recovering Nurse Rozetta - Alice Cooper will look after me
  10. Hoping has different sounds to his first solo CD, where the first one sounds alike a missing Saigon Kick album.
  11. Doggy


    Try Ebay for dunny paper.
  12. Doggy


    Crue, noted they ( the press ) asking how many are infected in North Korea ? Get nothing response
  13. I was preparing to go, only to pinch as much I carry of toilet paper.
  14. Journey - Faithfully " " - Open Arms
  15. On the Aussie pressing of " High Voltage " of AC/DC : Love Song - AC/DC
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