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  1. Found on EvilBay, for a bargain $5 Australian. Seems Discogs has banned releases by them.. They based somewhere in Las Vegas.
  2. Awesome, better hearing Tina Turner's song, on the Mad Max soundtrack.
  3. Dear Yngwie, Please bring back Jeff, Goran, Joe or anyone else who sang for you. Leave the singing to them, not you.
  4. I got the " For The Love Of Money " bootleg it was on the Time Warp label.
  5. Glenn was the bass player for Masters Apprentices with late James Keays. They were previous known as " Down The Line " before they moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. The bass player was Beeb Birtles , who later join Little River Band.
  6. R I P Daryl Cotton ( singer ) . The guitarist is Mr Rick Springfield. Better known as Dr Noah Drake of General Hospital.. Last album he has done with orchestra, doing his songs. I got a tour shirt of his last tour here Trivia The remaining members were talking having tour around Australia with Russell Morris on vocals.
  7. Heart 2 Heart - Broke N Blue
  8. Keri, the member you talking about, has been few bands e.g. Alice Cooper's touring band and Shameless
  9. Home And A Heart - Blackeyed Susan
  10. It was on their debut and only album.
  11. That is why the front page is so useful.
  12. Towers of Avarice - Zero Hour
  13. They did release an album through the AOR Heaven label,A New Dawn , in 2015 One of members joined Creye
  14. Doggy


    Had my first jab in late May, next is same date in August
  15. It also features Australia's own Boom Brash Opera, Lorraine Lewis and Flame.
  16. That what I hear, might different to other people.
  17. I would add Rob Rock power metal Rachel,Rachel John Schlitt Some says Kings X and Impellitteri are
  18. When he form and played Freak Of Nature
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