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  1. Come on admitted they from your collection. Somebody close to home Ricky Nelson, the father of Gunner & Matthew
  2. Mother Mayhem - Night Ranger
  3. I know few people are still waiting for a refund Melodic Rock Records have been busy signing bands, e.g. Dave Evans ( ex original singer of AC/DC, Frozen Tears, Darren Smith Project, Taste
  4. Doggy


    What great way to start the day, zero new cases and zero death.
  5. Wind Of Late September - Myland
  6. Doggy


    6 today. Next will be after all this rain we had pass few days, flooding.
  7. Earth To Angel - Rick Springfield
  8. After double checking, there are 5 songs which is not on the " Back In The Streets " CD bootleg.
  9. Edens Of The Earth - Breathless
  10. Straight For Eternity - Find Me
  11. Away From You - Prophet
  12. Doggy


    Just what, we need the people we, Victorians , had quarantine in hotels might have to be tested HIV.
  13. It has been sixteen years, i was and still hoping there was a second album.
  14. Colors Of the Spirit - Journey
  15. Spirit Of Fire - White Widdow
  16. March Of The Spirits - Electric Boys
  17. March of the Black Witch - Blacklace
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