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  1. Haven't heard " Brod and Cirkus. He plays awesome. Why when people talk who's best shredder, why his name is not mention like Steve of Autograph.
  2. For The Young And The Wild - Last Autumn's Dream
  3. Out Of The Can - Great King Rat
  4. Like you I am very weary of bands coming out down here. I read mags e.g. Powerplay when they reviews and they say from the band form Australia. Ninety percent of bands, I don't heard before, it might I get out more and not stay in my kennel..
  5. Hits Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf
  6. For The Good Time - Nasty Idols
  7. Greatest Tricks - Bang Tango
  8. A Thing For You - Herbal Junkie
  9. I would be interested what you think of it. As been a friend of one of guitarist
  10. Master of Disguise - Lizzy Borden
  11. He was doing backing vocals on some of their albums
  12. Hell N' Diesel - Sexual Suicide
  13. Sad to see Craig hasn't done nothing since last Starship, I can be wrong
  14. High Voltage was 83 to 85 , where T.A.X was only 88. I noticed you don't have Crystal Ball.
  15. He release 3 singles with a band called High Voltage (not American or AC/DC tribute band ) and T.A.X with his brother Dirk.
  16. Wave Of Emotion - Richie Kotzen
  17. Time For Change - Motley Crue
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