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  1. Disregard my message Dan, I found if I go through google chrome. I can reply to threads.
  2. I just went search on places like Amazon, CD Universe and Australia's largest electrical store and all them didn't have a listing for it.
  3. One used go to was Melodic Mafia on Yahoo, it was run by a mate.
  4. Wow, would see who playing on Chis Lyne, Keith Slack and ex Malmsteen's bass player Barry Sparks Is this going to be a Frontiers' release?
  5. Enjoy that, cannot wait if there is a CD.
  6. Run For Your Life - Loudness
  7. Excellent job you are doing, Whiplash. Feel sorry, you will be having CDs in dreams.
  8. Norm the Kangaroo ruled. where Claude the Crow ( must be Red in feathers ).
  9. I was lucky to see them support AC/DC, this is when AC/DC came home from first time from England The opening before the Hooks was Split Enz. Jukebox was their first single of their album, which hard to find, for their only comeback tour. I think they sold out the Laver stadium for three nights running. Red was on the re run of Specks & Specks on Wednesday night. MMM Myf. R.I.P Shirley.
  10. The second was called " Coarse ". The sounds is more in the the second album of Wildside and Sven Gali style.
  11. I remember them, unfortunately their first album came out same time Black Crowes and Twenty one Guns debut were release same time. What I do remember they had a Badlands and Cry of Love sound
  12. Sounds a bit like scene from " Fast Times At Ridgemont High. When Judge Reinhold was in shed watching Phoebe Cates at the pool.
  13. Don't forget the pack of Twisties, " Smut " Skyhooks.
  14. Run For Your Life - Blue Tears
  15. I will looking forward to hear more, when get closer to the release date. I am pleased that Toby is playing only one band, where almost every album that is coming out has Romero on it.
  16. Like you, I took a chance when I see some of players who played on it, so I bought. I don't play it regularly, but I can say it that I have got it.
  17. A.T.M., I asked "what I am out outside where there is curfew ? " Right Darky and Marten
  18. Livin On The Run - Razormaid
  19. Classic Aussie band. Livin' In The Seventies - Skyhooks
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