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  1. Remember buying the first 4 albums, after those without Cronos they lost me
  2. That would be great. Caught up Juno a couple months ago, asked him for reform. His words " That was my pass, so I have move on ".
  3. Remember picking up the EP, think it was an Almighty new release. Playing it since
  4. Which one the self title before or Young Man's Blues ? The self title was release after Young, due to demand. Baker's Pink were known as the Front, not the Christian band of the same name. They were try to be the new Doors.
  5. One of many, one I can think of straight away was World War 111. The musicians are great, but Mandy ( the singer ) sings it goes downhill.
  6. After seeing it auction off on Ebay, the winning bid was Australian dollar $1,400, which was donate to the Red Cross. Airbourne - Ready To Rock.
  7. Didn't you write some of the Coastline's classics ?
  8. John played another band before The Rockets of Love, name escape me. Read an interview, he was saying it sought after. It was a thrash band.
  9. Paul mixes both Wicked and Radio Sun, Steve features in both. Don't if he got digs down here, it mainly Melbourne where he based .Also he might come down to get a suntan (lol).
  10. Metal Queen - Lee Aaron
  11. Heavy Metal Hippies - Loudness
  12. The solo on "Baker Street " of Gerry Rafferty.
  13. Looking forward their release of the Boss' album.
  14. Don't forget JPY biggest hit on the " Strictly Ballroom " soundtrack, " Love Is In The Air". The only connection with Youngs, that George ( Brother of Malcolm & Angus) and Harry Vanda produced some of his albums.
  15. In memory of Neil Peart, Rush's 2112.
  16. Never get to see Rush, only on DVD. He inspired a lot people to pick up the sticks and be a drummer. God rest your soul, Mr Peart.
  17. I am one members who Mike latest in my top 10. Reasoning is I enjoy what he doing , not he living on his past but moving on. It might weak excuse.
  18. Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood Defiants - Zukusho Roulette - Now Soleil Moon - Warrior Danny Vaughn - Myths, Legends and Lies Jim Peterik -& World Stage - Winds of Change Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning Mike Tramp - Stray From the Flock First Signal - Line of Fire Work of Art - Exhibits Shocker of year : Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Lighting
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