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    What about the Clive Palmer's ad to getting to Parliament ? Using Twisted Sister song, and say he had that song sounding a lot like is jingle.
  2. Silence Is Broken - Nelson
  3. Out Of The Silence - Dare.
  4. Wonderful World Of Dag Finn - Dag Finn
  5. My apology, just the sites I have been going are saying it's deleted.
  6. What shock me, their first one is deleted already.
  7. sign to Golden Robot Records. This is the label who sign John Sykes, Kings X up recent nothing has come out. Maybe the reason Sykes has not released anything.
  8. Darkstone What about classic by Joe Dolce ? Hey !!!
  9. With the re union in full swing Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe
  10. Were they one of lucky that did not got burnt by Pledgemusic ?
  11. For the Aussies' Nicole from NBN
  12. .I was listening to the soundtrack.
  13. For my mate's daughters I had sit and watch Frozen 2.
  14. John Diva and the Rockets of Love - Mama Said Rock Is Dead
  15. Truth or Dare - Change Of Heart.
  16. Doggy


    Nice see you back.
  17. They could cover the AC/DC song " Crabsody In Blue ", which wasn't on American and European version of " Let There Be Rock. It was a song that Bon wrote when he got the crabs.
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