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  1. Another Baltimore band I just got hooked up with. KODA
  2. AlphaMale

    Section 8

    Long process through the courts. 6 months or more sometimes. I'm all for low income residents having access to affordable housing but to pass a law telling the owner that he must accept them or be sued is ludicrous. I guarantee these politicians would change their tune if they had the type of next door neighbor I had.
  3. My take: Serpentine 7.5/10 Firesoul Fly 8.5/10 Undress Your Madness 8.0/10 Will You Still Kiss Me 8.0/10 Runaway World 8.5/10 If You Want Peace 7.0/10 Slavedriver 7.0/10 Shadowlands 9.0/10 Black Thunder 9.0/10 Strength Of A Rose 8.0/10 80.5% Shadowlands followed by Black Thunder are two awesome songs. The contrast between the melodic PM followed by that slamming metal tune...... LOVE IT!! Strongest part of the album. I didn't care much for the 2 before it. Solid though throughout. A worthy follow-up to Kingmaker. Maybe a bit stronger than that one but not of the excellence of Pandemonium or Motherland, as been said.
  4. AlphaMale

    Section 8

    This really grinds my gears. Baltimore County has followed Baltimore City is passing a law saying although you own your property, you have to accept low income section 8 vouchers. It's law. You own your property, but you aren't allowed to rent your property to whoever YOU see fit. You must allow any vagrant with a voucher. I have already experienced this in Baltimore City, where I have lived in this same neighborhood for almost my whole life. A guy bought a foreclosed wreck of a house next door to me. He put tons of money into the home and made it look amazing. Rent was $1600 a month. He accepted a section 8 voucher tenant. Was supposed to be 5 residents. Didn't end up that way. These ghetto assholes were trash. They totally made the neighborhood worse. They had people blasting music and running in and out of the house all hours of the day and night. The police were there every other week. They disappeared for awhile and then all of the sudden were back. By the time he finally got them out, there was 12 people living there. They had destroyed the entire house including all of the appliances. He had to spend all of that money all over again. Who in the fuck gives the government the right to tell me who I can or can't rent to? Why are they forcing crime into good neighborhoods? FUCK you government!! Read about the law here: http://www.cphabaltimore.org/homeact/
  5. I like the song but none of the lyrics rhyme which makes it sound disjointed.
  6. Gotthard Harem Scarem Crazy Lixx Dokken
  7. About to spin this for the first time! Stoked!
  8. Never heard of either of them. I was just trying to think of the most popular of those bands in our genres.
  9. This is a different forgotten album. This is the shit that destroyed our genre. It was this cassette that I bought without knowing these guys that was the sign of the end. Never liked any of this trash. Very poor alternative rock. Only one comment on this on the main site. That tells you how terrible this release was. https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=5477&CDName=N.E.+2nd+Ave. Anyway, here's some of the great tunes on this one: Oops..... okay..... they were none. But here's a few tracks for your listening displeasure:
  10. Back with another long forgotten CD. In 1990, the major record labels literally signed every band in existence to try to cash in. This band from Norway fits the bill. The catchy title track made the MTV rotation and so they had semi-success. But I wasn't a huge fan of the album. Here's some tracks from the album:
  11. Make sure Stefan finds your balls first.....
  12. Yep. Definitely hear Journey in there.
  13. A poll to see who you think were the top dogs of the Christian hard rock or metal genres. Your vote counts!!
  14. This disappoints me: John Allen – Lead Vocal Ted Merrill- Guitar Jason Heiser – Drums Rick Reynolds - Bass Where's my boys Anthony Arambula (bass) and Victor Karrera (guitar), City Fixx alumni?? Very disappointing that these guys are gone. WTF.
  15. This sure isn't the same Shark Island as the excellent "Law Of The Order".
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