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  1. If I had a choice, it would be a new Danger Danger album with Paul. As much as I loved Ted's D2 albums, my fandom of the band quadrupled when Paul joined.
  2. Agreed. That music with Ted's vocals seemed out of place.
  3. Not a single response. Good or bad. This board has really gone downhill.
  4. Those first 4 songs are probably the best 4 in a row to start an album of 2020. Too bad it grinds to a halt in the middle. Also agree the last track is awesome.
  5. AlphaMale


    blinded by hate
  6. Wow... this one sounds really good. Especially that first song. I hear HEAT in that too. Will listen to this ASAP.
  7. We think you're awful but we still talk to you.
  8. Checked out the samples, sounds just like the last 3 albums. If you like those, you'll like this.
  9. It's not horrible. I dig the overall vibe. The only two songs available on youtube and not 2 of my favorites. If you seek it out, most of the disc is pretty damn solid stuff.
  10. I for one love the change. But I rarely use with my mobile, mostly the desktop. I think it's easier to find what band I'm looking for now. Spread out and great spacing. Perfecto Mundo.
  11. Doesn't sound like Cats In Space or Night Flight Orchestra........ which means 0 responses. This board has become pretty lame.
  12. I think the vibe and the tune are pretty damn cool. About to check out the full disc.
  13. It's not that I didn't like the last 3 discs...... they just all seem to be the same album released 3 times. A bit samey. And with all the output from Michael Sweet lately and his douchebag behavior has really turned me off.
  14. It's been that way for awhile now. Nobody even responds. It's not even worth the time to post it. If it's not cats in space or night flight orchestra, nobody even listens to it.
  15. Any likes/dislikes. The band needs some input.
  16. I agree with Geoff. The first 4 are bad, next 4 are decent, last 3 are bad.
  17. from the interwebz: “Things That Never Were” is the debut album by THE CITY KIDS, a new band put together by JJ Watt from the disbanded The Main Grains, also featuring guitarist Dennis Post (Warrior Soul), bass player Berty Burton (Tigertailz), and drummer Dave Sanders from hard rockers Falling Red. Featuring guest appearances by Tracii Guns (LA Guns) and Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul), as well as Billy Tee and Alex Holmes (The Suicide Notes), The City Kids (not to be confused with the long gone Cardiff based glam legends) delivers a mix greasy, edgy, gritty biker hard rock and tons of melody, sleazier than one of Gene Simmons‘s chat-up lines. A fun, dirty rock n’ roll to be the antidote for these coronavirus days. 01 – Best Of You 02 – Before You Fall 03 – You Get Nothing 04 – She Loves You 05 – Left Behind 06 – Rats [ft The Suicide Notes] 07 – No More Heroes 08 – All I Want [ft Tracii Guns] 09 – Words Of A Fool 10 – Round And (A) Round [ft Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul] JJ Watt (The Main Grains) vocals, guitar Dennis Post (Warrior Soul) guitar Berty Burton (Tigertailz) bass Dave Sanders (Falling Red) drums, vocals Tracii Guns (LA Guns) guest guitar Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) guest vocals BUY IT cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/the-city-kids-things-that-never-were Full album on YouTube music: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=fk-eaMwb4D8&list=OLAK5uy_nK7B7ZMCJIwh5O5BmUVFqI94PO4gBosfA
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