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    • My honest take on Maiden is this. I first became aware of them when the singles from Seventh son came out, but wasn't really into rock and metal at that time. Then when Bring your daughter came out and went to #1 in the UK singles chart (that is the pop chart, not the rock chart btw) I was in my early days of rock and metal, so I bought the single and the album and even bought Seventh son. I then did the whole complete discography thing and bought Fear of the dark and its singles when it released. Then Bruce fucked off and Blaze joined. I loved The X Factor and went to see the band for the first time live (with Helloween supporting).  Virtual XI was ok, but beyond Clansman it was a weak album compared to X factor. Then Bruce fucked back and they released Brave new world which I thought was a shitty comeback as the songs just sounded like repeats of their classic songs with repetitive choruses where they just repeated the same line over and over. I went to see them again and hated the gig as the support acts were not my cuppa (Slayer and Entombed) and all Maiden did was perform the whole of the new album which had been out a few weeks at that point, and a few older tracks. Was cool that they played Clansman and Sign of the cross though. After that I have pretty much waited til I can pick up the new releases cheap, and can honestly say that my playlist probably has about two tracks from the last five albums, which kinda tells you how dull I have found them since Bruce returned. So many brilliant songs in their back catalogue, but very little even worth listening to from this century.
    • These motherfuckers are from my neck o' the woods?? They've got a show coming up. I'll have to catch that. 
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