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  1. lettard

    Volster - Perfect Storm

    Harsh dude
  2. lettard

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Midnite City - s/t Kiss - Lick It Up Giant - III Badlands - s/t Tesla - The Great Radio Controversary Tigertailz - Bezerk Tyketto - Don't Come Easy Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood
  3. lettard

    VEGA - Only Human

    Love the disc and yes I could've done without that dodgy radio intro on "Last Man Standing" but it just reminds me of the dodgy radio intro into Tigertailz track "Noize Level Critical" from Bezerk,I suppose they both add a bit of a fun element to the tracks,I mean I fondly relisten back to Tigertailz after all these years and chuckle when the intro plays lol At the end of the day this is just Vega sounding like Vega to me,which suits me just fine,I want Vega to sound like Vega because they are quality to my ears.
  4. lettard

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Favs up to now... W.E.T - Earthrage Vega - Only Human Steel City - Fortress Station - More Than The Moon Volster - Perfect Storm LeBrock - The Real Thing E.P Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days Others I liked but will not make the end of year list for sure are... Perfect Plan - All Rise Grand Design - Viva La Paradise Dangerous Curves - So Dirty Right Maverick - Cold Star Dancer
  5. lettard

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Vega - Only Human Badlands - s/t Katmandu - s/t Scorpions - Blackout Heavy Pettin' - Lettin' Loose Big Guns - Stick Em Up Mai Rouge - Take It Or Leave It
  6. lettard

    VEGA - Only Human

    Enjoying this one thus far,starts off brilliant then as stated a slight lull before exploding again with some fine tracks to finish off the disc,but overall really enjoying it...will get a better listen tomorrow when I'm off work and can crank it louder at home
  7. lettard

    King Of Company - Queen Of Hearts

    Nice,i enjoyed their debut so look forward to the next release also.
  8. Ordered this direct from Lions Pride upon its release,I know it got delayed a few weeks until 23rd April due to printing issues...but mine has still not arrived in physical form...does anyone know how long a cd should take to get to the UK from Lions Pride? Haven't received any communication from them since ordering 2 weeks today
  9. lettard

    Volster - Perfect Storm

    Cracking album that seems to be falling to the wayside here on HH...love the track "Still In Love" as well as those mentioned above,recommended to anybody here with a melodic ear
  10. Very nice...just sounds I'd expected also...and Francesco Totti on guitar lol
  11. lettard

    Catalano working on second album

    Yeah sounds like a demo of the track,maybe the single will be clearer...I certainly hope so because its got potential
  12. Will keep an eye on this one.
  13. lettard

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    J.K Northrup & David Cagle - That's Gonna Leave A Mark Odyssey Desperado - Don't Miss The Sunset