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Pass the popcorn...

Guest bootlegpoliceman

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And knowing Sam, he'd offer to butter it for ya! :P


Sam's getting DESTROYED over there. Compared to those posts, we were wrestlin' him and rubbin' our knuckles into the top of his head. Sad part is, he is his own undoing. He reminds me of Al Pacino at the end of Scarface. Drunk on power, ego and self-delusion. Maybe he'll fall off a balcony into a big pile of Russian bootlegs and CDRs. Ouch.

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I thought this was priceless!!!


Can I get that in poster size? :lol:


Vegas bridges falling down, falling down, falling down.. Vegas bridges falling down, my fair bootlegger.....

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Kind of a catch-22...it was always comical to read his profanity-laden responses, but I for one am kinda glad to be rid of him. Let him continue to pollute some other board, I say. Good riddance! :cya:

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Batten {I got it right this time Dan :lol: } down the hatches.Here we go again as we wait for the big :bigboom: to come flying back from the Sammy Fan Club. All from the one and only member that is :whistle::lol:

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Guest rocknroll

You guys are funny popcorn is for the movies not metal ...


Maybe you should check you ears and eyes , retrospect rock and rolls !


anybody like salt on there popcorn !

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Guest cerebus

Its pretty funny. Reading that thread, Sam states he was framed by Sweet Teaze, and that he's in negotiations with Malachia and Terra now... Hmmm, interesting that he was selling Malachia and Terra well before he was in these alleged "negotiations" with the bands.


Thing is that Sam is pretty much in the clear. Most of the bands he's reissuing are long since gone and/or don't have the means to challenge him. Also, a lot of bands didn't bother to copyright their music.


So he's gonna keep doing this, and I`m afraid there isn't anything anyone can do about it... unless he reissues a band with a big label behind it, or with money to mess him up.


Sad, isn't it?

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    • Edvard Munch's favourite band.
    • Debut album 'Portraits' out May 31.   From Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group:   The band was founded a decade ago under the name ”Alex Mari & The Lovers”, with the aim of writing original material. Meanwhile, in order to create good chemistry between the members, the group began playing together on several live shows, performing cover songs of legendary international artists just like Queen, Toto, Police and AC/DC.   After few line-up changes, the band was finalized with three members: Alex Mari  (Michele Luppi Band, Barock Project, Ophiura, plus guest appearances as studio backing vocalist with Rhapsody of Fire) on vocals, Gianluca Pisana on drums and backing vocals, and Sebastiano Barbirato on guitar and backing vocals. For their debut album, they established their new identity with the name, Night Pleasure Hotel.   The first studio chapter of this very promising trio offers a perfect slice of classic American AOR, reminiscent of Survivor (Bickler era), Foreigner, Prism and Toto. The album features contributions from talented special guest stars –  Michele Luppi (Whitesnake), Luca Zabbini (Barock Project, PFM), Paolo Caridi (Ellefson-Soto, Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Krell), Gianluca Tagliavini (PFM), Roberto Galli (Michele Luppi’s Heaven, Danger Zone, Wheels Of Fire) and Iarin Munari (Red Canzian, Roberto Vecchioni, Paolo Vallesi).   Night Pleasure Hotel are sure to become one of the best newcomers of the current melodic rock scene, thanks to their infectious sound, mixed and mastered by Roberto Priori (Danger Zone, Wheels Of Fire, Raintimes, StreetLore).   The release of ”Portraits” is scheduled for May 31, 2024 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. The CD booklet features introductory liner notes written by Samuele Mannini (Melodicrock.it), while cover art and CD graphics have been developed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Platens, StreetLore, Raintimes, Room Experience, Nightblaze).    The first single of the album, ”Just This Once”, will be launched with an official video on March 28, 2024.   Tracklist:   01. Niko 02. Just This Once 03. We Say Goodbye 04. Walking Through The Horizon 05. You And I 06. Sweet Melodies Of Rain 07. Shivers 08. What I Feel 09. Julia  10. Suddenly 11. For You 12. Quella Sera (Bonus Track)   Night Pleasure Hotel is:   Alex Mari: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards Sebastiano Barbirato: Guitar, Bass, Backing vocals Gianluca Pisana: Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals
    • Queen Shrike = Queensryche 👍
    • and the new Gunship cd maybe not so much AOR but damn good stuff
    • I've enjoyed pretty much all of their output thus far..inc this  
    • First I've heard of these guys.  A bit of a Danny Wilde vibe on vocals for me.  I like it.
    • New song 'Give The Night Away'.    
    • I can't remember the ins and outs of it, but last year he put up a tweet about how anyone who does cover songs is unoriginal and have no talent, and he would rather listen to the original. I have no issue with the second part of his statement as that is all down to personal taste, but for him to call out bands as unoriginal and lacking talent when bands he listens to have done covers is quite laughable. Every time he posts shit like that I reply and he always ignores me as he knows he is chatting shit. He does it with wrestling as well. Called someone out for instulting a woman wrestler, and saying it's unacceptable to insult wrestlers like that. Pointed out he always calls Brock Lesnar a gorilla and he he should practice what he preaches .. ignored again As I say, always has to pretend he knows everything, but always gets caught out.
    • Female monarch of butcher birds
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