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Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time

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The article is too huge to copy and paste so you are just going to have to click the link for yourselves!

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Ok I knew Rolling Stone sucked but they dont know how to count either? It say 100 Greatest but there are only 51 listed? Whats up with that crap? :crazy: And I guess Im not much of a "Metaltrekman" as I thought, Ive never heard of probably at least half of those bands. And for sure dont and havent listened to more than 3/4. :lol:  Can I change my screen name here? ;)

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An interesting list and yes there are 100 songs as you have to click at the top of the page to get the other half of the list. While I do recognize all of the bands , I am not into a lot of them as they cover pretty much every type of heavy music in existence and my list would look very different but to each their own...

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Death, Rush, Carcass, and Helloween should have been on there. I know this is basically just a list of most popular metal songs that happen to also have a music video but c'mon, that's writing out a major chunk of the genre's history.

Also, my days of arguing over what is metal and what is not are long behind me, but Evanescence??? :wacko: Might as well include Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Nickelback, too...

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