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Remember The hunt for SURRENDER CD?. ... I have another one that needs to be found


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For all of the "oldies" here at HH, remember nearly 20 years ago all the excitement and searching for the elusive SURRENDER band from Jamaica, New York that was produced by Mick Corey?  As the story goes, one of my CD trading friends, Joe Lobianco, who lives in Rhode Island, would take trips CD hunting in Boston.   On one occasion, he found and sent me a super batch of CDs he found.   One of them was that elusive SURRENDER demo CD.   After I gave it a listen, I was hooked (as many others who listened to it).   I shared copies of the CD with a number of friends and before long, it became a highly sought after CD.   Ryan Northrup (Metal Mayhem Records) even drove down to Jamaica, New York in an attempt to track down Mick Corey and the recording studio where the CD was recorded, all to no avail.   Then, Mike (whiplash) and several others put their noses to the ground like true bloodhounds and tracked down the real Mick Corey and the Surrender band.   Of course, the band was shocked to learn the CD was in such demand and shortly thereafter, "Better Late Than Never" was released in 2005.

Well guys, I've got another one that needs to be tracked down.   The band is named CHAMPAGNE BLONDE and they are from Chicago, Illinois.   They recorded and put together a promotional/demo CD much like the SURRENDER CD which was a compilation of demo material the band recorded in the late 80's.    I have been searching without much luck for band members in hopes of triggering a release much in the same manner as the SURRENDER CD.   I've uploaded a track from the CD for all to hear

Here are photos of the CD with the band lineup.   Hopefully, we can make contact with this band and get an official CD released..........

champagne Blonde back.jpg

Champagne Blonde front.jpg

Champagne Blonde inside.jpg

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Hi, I'm the daughter of one of the band members from Champagne Blonde. Is there anyway you can send me a copy of the whole CD? 

Dan's comment: I'm allowing this intro post, but I will leave it to the parties in question to do their own due diligence with respect to identity and claims.

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I do not have a copy of the complete CD.  I obtained one of the band’s demo tapes from a DJ in Chicago who promotes late 80’s bands on his podcast.  Another collector in North Carolina loaned me his demo tape to transfer and finally, Dave Martin reached out to me with info on the band.  Currently, I have 11 of the 14 tracks that were featured on the promotional album. I am still hunting down the remaining 3 tracks. The photos of the original promo CD pictured in my post were sent to me by another collector. 

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How very cool. The fact that they're only demo recordings is a bit of a bummer, but I like that 'Summer nights' song. Would love to hear the rest of it, out of pure curiosity. Hopefully there becomes an avenue that we can all get to hear this thing. 

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