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Bad News tour & More Bad News

Captain Howdy

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1 minute ago, Darkstone said:

Yeah, classic stuff.

I always thought that they were inspired by "Spinal Tap", but I found out fairly recently that they actually predate Spinal Tap by a year.

Yeah 1983 if I remember. I like Spinal Tap, but always thought this was funnier being a fan of the comic strip crew, especially Rik and Ade.

I think the main inspiration for Ade was he was a fan of the music. Hell, he even directed the video to Prime Mover by Zodiac Mindwarp.

Brian May worked with them as a producer on their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (not sure if he produced any other songs) and he said the biggest problem they had is they all became so good at playing their instruments that they found it difficult to actually play badly.

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