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Bill Maher

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On 1/29/2022 at 11:45 AM, Dead Planet said:

I figure Bill deserves his own thread....here is his latest monologue and his take on the M&Ms situation is funny as hell, more politically correct BS


Maher is a master, not very many people sit where Maher does, Maher is getting red pilled though, it's going to be interesting to see after last weeks assault what Bill is really about, getting completely destroyed by everyone from the view to the young turks last week for his conversation with Barry Weiss where they announced they're fucking done with covid, the blowback was fucking brutal, for both of them, like I said, it's not just a matter of a bunch of fucking libtards agreeing on something with the other side, there is a few factors at work,, nobody just agrees with the other side for starters, even if they do they cant publicly say it, and the other thing is these aren't just your average run of the mill progressive shit eaters, this Is fucking Bill Maher, this is Jimmy Dore, this is Barry Weiss, this is that soft spoken British dude who was married to Katie Perry, and yesterday possibly the biggest fucking Biden simp on the planet snapped and said on a livestream where is Trump, Charlagmane the Unfunny spouted off and I would to if I was him, he's been played multiple times by Biden and Kamel Kunt, that was an unexpected turn nobody could have seen coming.

Bill Maher is in the top 5 greatest comedians of all time, and top 5 overall personalities,


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