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On the latest episode of the 80's Glam Metalcast episode, host Metal Mike talks to Heavens Edge guitarist Reggie Wu. He reveals what the band has been up to in recent years and revisits their classic self-titled debut from 1990. Wu also shares some memories and thoughts on Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar, who recently passed away.

On what the band has been up to and a big future announcement 

Wu: "For shows - we were supposed to do M3 this year, but one of the guys got sick and we had to cancel. We just committed to Monsters On The Mountain in Tennessee in October. I love the guys in this band, we are all like brothers. Whenever we get together, we just pick up right where we left off. We also have some big news that I can’t share right now. Hopefully we will be able announce it within the next couple weeks. Things are moving along. At this point we’re just having fun with it. Me and Mark are writing songs, and the pressure is just off. We aren’t trying to be rock stars anymore. There’s talks to do an album....and that could be the news that’s coming soon. We are just in talks and I really can’t get into it." 

On the fall of the band when grunge came

Wu: "It was nuts. The climb to get the record deal was spectacular. Right out of the box, we were selling out wherever we would play. Those three years before we got signed were unbelievable. Then the label dropped us and the ride down was brutal. Places that we used to play that were packed, were now a quarter full. It was a big time blow to the ego. When Heavens Edge split, me Dave and George still loved playing together. We started a band called American Pie with a new singer. We did the whole flannel shirt and grunge thing. It just wasn’t true and people could see it though it. It just didn’t work and we called it a day. We were forced to find another life, and in many ways that was a Godsend. I love my family and that’s what it’s all about."

On the passing of Jeff LaBar 

Wu: "Me and Jeff go way back. We both auditioned for Cinderella at the time when their label wanted them to replace their drummer and guitarist. Being the local guys we both went. In an interview, Jeff broke my balls because I sat right in front of him during his audition! He totally fit the bill so much better than I did. I was in my Yngwie Malmsteen phase. We played 'Nobody’s Fool' and I’m just shredding over it and it didn’t fit. Jeff was just a monster on stage, a monster guitar player, and just a great guy. I’m crushed over his death. All of us in Heavens Edge are devastated because they were the first Philly band in our genre that made it big. We all were rooting for them. It was awesome watching them skyrocket." 

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New album would be interesting and I would guess it would be something Frontier's would be on to.

Although, I'd be approaching it with very cautious optimism and probably fairly low expectations as you never really know what you're going to get when bands have been away this long.


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Interesting interview. I enjoyed that. Would also love to hear a new album, for sure. I'd also have low expectations, but they're an unknown entity. Who knows, maybe they could buck the trend of old returning bands after decades of hiatus. 

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  • My Little Pony
13 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

"We also have some big news that I can’t share right now."


13 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

"There’s talks to do an album....and that could be the news that’s coming soon."

Cryptic. ;}

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