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I have a lot of subscriptions to videos/vlogs and all on YouTube. Whenever I subscribe I Always click on the bell to get All email notifications of every new video that is posted from all my favorites. Thats stopped. :( I dont even remember the last time I got notified of Any video from Any of my subscriptions. And I followed instructions Ive found online. Nothing works. :( 

Does anyone else subscribe to YouTube Videos? Are you getting email notifications everytime a new one is posted? Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem? :( 

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I find I have to click on the notification button (bell) to see if there is anything there. Also noticed that closing and reopening will sometimes show a red number, but not always and certainly random and unreliable.


Sorry no solution, just same issue as yourself.

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Ive sent one of my youtube accounts a message from my other youtube account one was on my laptop, the other on my phone, the messages took almost 7 hours to show up, complete garbage notification system on youtube

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