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Mad Invasion - Edge Of The World


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Debut album out September 24. 

The band: Pete Sandberg (Alien, Madison), Björn Dahlberg, Hal Marabel (Bad Habit), Mats Jeppsson (Raise Cain) and Mats Bergentz (Silver Mountain, Syron Vanes).



Edge Of The World

Scream'n Shout

Crazy & Wild

Devil's Calling


Until The End

Fallen Angel

Walking In The Shadows

Trial By Fire

Cry Mercy






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Someone's missing in the second clip. 

Pretty creepy album cover, terrible first song and the second is kind of okay. Haven't heard from Sandberg in a while so that's cool, but not sure this project will be great. 'Hold on' is more in line with what you'd hope to hear from him, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Probably an album to keep an eye on, but very low expectations. 

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Missed this on the first go around, but I find it quite listenable and to disagree with Geoff as Hold On, even though it is the only song with a little bit of guitar solo (WTF guys?) is the, albeit most user friendly song the others are nicely heavier and my preference.

Only rub is lack of guitar solo's, not sure what the logic is on this but?


Thanks Stefan for sharing, well done.

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Posted (edited)

New video for 'Until The End'.

The band name and the song title really makes you think about the situation in Ukraine...



And some more videos from the album:





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Agree, by the title thought this was another Ukraine political thread 🤣 

Music sucks just as much, which is appropriate.

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    • This one looks like a fun ride....  
    • I keep sticking with the band but my initial thoughts are that this is basically hookless. I sure hope this was just released as the first single cause it is loud and fast and isn't considered the best song on the upcoming album.
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    • USA 2, Netherlands 1. (*my prediction)
    • Sorry I meant Dance With the Dead        
    • As much as I love the Synthwave genre, I'm not very adventurous towards it. I generally allow the folks here to steer me in the right direction. I don't think I've listened to Dance of the Dead. 
    • I've been coming around. The cream of the crop are good. Issue I have is for every Lebrock or Midnight there are 20 shite artists. But yeah, I have been buying a bit of the best artists. For me, the best synthwave release of 2022 is Dance of the Dead. It is like the soundtrack to a John Carpenter film never made. It really rocks in places too.
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